Aquatech breaking Israeli Barramundi records

The Aquatech factory continues to sell 10-12 tons of Barramundi every week.
The market reactions are excellent. The company is expected to renew its campaign with the next milestone being weekly sales of 15-18 tones by Passover.
Additional Sea Dream news:
The company is in negotiations with Kibbutz Alumim which expressed interest in establishing the fishery in their area and with their water. The kibbutz is also expected to invest a considerable amount of money in the project.
Georgia – Together with our partners, the Benish Group, we decided to take two small but parallel steps. The first step will be preparing a plan for 500-tonnes of salmon, similar to the project in Israel. The second is running a fish factory that is standing idle at the moment next to Batumi.
The idled factory could make about half a million dollars a year.
Nadav Azoulay traveled with Kobi Lebanon, an Israeli fish expert, to see the facility in Georgia. Kobi was very impressed with the facility and has already issued a very supportive report.