May 2018 | QVC submitted an order of 1,700 “Mini-Max” units, shipment on its way to the USA

QVC network (operator of the US TV shopping channel) ordered 1,700 units of the “Mini-Max” stool. The shipment is on its way to the USA and expected to arrive soon.
This is the first order received from QVC, which is expected to promote the “Mini-Max” starting the end of May 2018. This initial pilot will expose the “Mini-Max” to the US market.
QVC group, who runs the QVC shopping channel, is a global broadcasting network with worldwide broadcast operations. In the US, QVC reaches more than 100 million American homes, as the sales are made using 24/7 TV broadcasting and Ecommerce.
The “Mini-Max” is already marketed in Israel, by Flyshop Camping, who sells the product for NIS 149 via the company’s store and website.
The total number of orders submitted so far by Flyshop Camping, along with the expected orders from Israeli organizations who we currently negotiate with – Currently totals a sum of 20,000 “Mini-Max” units, which emphasizes the great interest in the product.
Please note our company is prepared to produce this quantity of the “Mini-Max”, while we keep examining proposals for additional investments that will allow us to expand the production volume of the “Mini-Max”.

Additional info about the “Mini-Max” stool:
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