I-Up attains regulatory approval in Europe and the US

i-UP, the skin solution to keep your body refreshed & awake, has concluded all regulatory phases and has been certified safe for distribution in the US and in Europe. The company is producing the first 5,000 units and is finalizing with distributors to market the product.

MiniMax Receives US patent and launches affiliate MLM program

The US patent for MiniMax has been received and marks a new age for the expanding company. MiniMax has launched a new program called “Minimax’s Ambassadors Program,” a multilevel marketing program designed to reward people who sell the product by earning money if they sell and earning money if members who register through them sell. […]

Sea Dream and Bio-castle develop a new concept in RAS

Sea Dream fisheries began a co-development process with BioCastle, to develop an innovative capsule that contains bacterias and allows water purification for fish.As part of the experiments, the company has managed to grow fish fingerlings inside the fish-tanks in which the capsules were used, The fingerlings reached a market size of 400 grams. These are […]

Aquatech breaking Israeli Barramundi records

The Aquatech factory continues to sell 10-12 tons of Barramundi every week. The market reactions are excellent. The company is expected to renew its campaign with the next milestone being weekly sales of 15-18 tones by Passover. Additional Sea Dream news: The company is in negotiations with Kibbutz Alumim which expressed interest in establishing the […]

Dr. Oded Eisenberg introduces Corsens to WEGO in China

Dr. Oded Eisenberg, a Microdel partner, and a director at Corsens Medical introduced Coresens’s product in China to WEGO, the largest medical device company in China with sales of more than $1 billion a year. Representatives of WEGO have already visited Israel twice, where Corsens introduced itself to corporate-level officials. This time the meeting was […]