Novokid launched in Israel in a festive press conference at the Royal Beach Tel-Aviv hotel

As part of Novokid’s launch in Israel, last week was held a festive press conference at the Royal Beach Tel-Aviv hotel.

Among the participant who attended the event were media personas from various sectors in the Israeli society. Also attended the senior management of Super-Pharm pharmacy chain.

During the event spoke Mr. Zvi Yemini, Chairman of TechCare, the company that developed the Novokid along with Microdel, and was held a live demonstration of how to use the product.

Novokid is sold in Super-Pharm since last Sunday (27/05/2018), and in the first 10 days were sold 1,200 units of the product.

Novokid’s launch in Israel received so far major media exposure, including a high-profile article on “Yedioth Ahronoth”.

Standing right to left: Mr. Yossi De-Levie (Microdel chairman), Mr. Haim Lampert (TechCare vice president), Mr. Zvi Yemini (TechCare Chairman), Mr. Danny Luzon (Super-Pharm deputy CEO), Mr. Ran Tuttnauer (Tuttnauer CEO & owner)
Mr. Yossi De-Levie alongside journalist and TV host Mrs. Odetta Schwartz