Every once in a while, Research & Development focused on a real problem with a need for an effective solution results in the birth of a remarkable product.
i-UP is one of these products.

Developed and produced by Dr. Orna Levine in Israel, patent pending i-UP is an effective, all natural herbal oil solution to be sprayed on the skin to refresh and awaken the senses and prevent drowsiness. Originally designed for safer night driving. i-UP is perfect not only for truck drivers and long distance travelers, but also for anyone working or studying late into the night hours.

  • Is based on three aromatic oils and contain only natural herbal ingredients
  • FDA cosmetic approved
  • Is non-toxic
  • Has not been tested on animals
  • Is packaged in a convenient spray bottle
  • Is always easy and ready to use
  • Has a pleasant aromatic scent
  • Leaves no film or sticky feeling

Conveniently packaged for retail in a 24 piece carton designed to be used as a display box, i-UP is suitable for sale on any store counter-top; Drug Stores, Convenience Stores, Chain and Super Stores, Gas Station 24 HR Stores or any road side store. This innovative, all natural product will attract the attention of the consumer as a unique solution for preventing drowsiness for safer driving and other activities.