An innovative disposable and radiolucent spinal retractor –
for minimally invasive surgical procedures

Meni-Med's expansible spinal retractor heralds a breakthrough for spinal surgery.

With micron retraction capability, allowing for minimal incision and non-traumatic tissue access, and with additional unique features beneficial for both surgeons and patients – Meni-Med's retractor brings minimally invasive surgical procedures to a higher level.

With its team of highly skilled experts, Meni-Med has developed a spinal retractor intended to answer the needs of surgeons, patients and other health care professionals.

Meni-Med's vision is to provide a high-quality and cost effective micron-movement minimally invasive retractor capable of fulfilling all requirements relevant to minimally invasive spinal surgeries.

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  • Unique design and capabilities which minimize tissue disruption when accessing and working in the surgical site.
  • Total control over size, shape and depth of the surgical site – allows accurate single and multi level access.
  • Built-in lighting, X-ray translucent materials and digital video camera access availability – all provide unparalleled visualization of the surgical site.
  • Intuitive and user friendly.
  • Flexible angulations allow a variety of depths on the circumference of the working channel and provide unequaled access to spinal anatomies.
  • Low manufacturing costs.


  • Blunt tip inserter
    Minimizes traumatic penetration into the surgical site
  • Narrow ribs (6), various lengths
    Reduce trauma to the retracted muscles; may be adjusted intra-operatively
  • Modular with variable dimensions (pre and intra-operative)
    Single and multi level access to suit all anatomies; round and oval circumference
  • Independent bolts
    Micron precision control over the angular plane of each individual rib
  • LED illumination (built-in; disposable)
    Clear, direct and non-reflective visualization of the surgical site
  • Camera access port (built-in)
    Live video visualization of the surgical site and procedure, and recording capability
  • Radiolucent material
    No imaging interference
  • Disposable material (FDA-compliant plastic)
    Eliminates needs for sterilization and storage of re-usable equipment


Millions of people worldwide suffer from chronic, symptomatic back pain, and in the USA alone hundreds of thousands
of spinal surgeries are performed each year. Studies show that the incidence of spinal disorders is on the rise.

Minimally invasive surgical techniques are the fastest growing segment within the spinal surgery market. For patients,
minimally invasive spine surgery may reduce post-operative pain and contribute to shorter recovery time and less
long-term damage.

While other existing retractors used to access and maintain visualization of the surgical site still cause significant
paraspinal tissues (PST) damage, Meni-Med's unique retractor aims to reduce such damage and therefore result
in less post-operative pain, the patient's quick return to normal daily activity and less long-term damage.

Moreover, the use of Meni-Med's retractor results in shorter surgery times and facilitates the delicate yet arduous
work of the surgeons in various respects; From the minor incision and controlled access to the surgical site,
through multi-level access in different spinal anatomies, with illuminated optimal visibility, recording capabilities
(beneficial also for teaching and legal purposes) and radiolucent abilities, to the convenient removal and disposal
of the device.


Clinical trials with the device were successfully carried out, under Helsinki approval, at the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center. Initial prototypes of the device have been granted patents from the US and Europe, and further patents are pending.


Yossi De-Levie. An entrepreneur
with more than 35 years of
experience in management,
product development and

Dr. David Michaeli, MD, PhD,
Co-founder, inventor.
An award-winning neurologist
and neurosurgeon,
Rabin Medical Center.

Michael Michaeli,
co-founder, inventor.
An accomplished
aeronautics engineer.


Meni-Med is backed by parent VC company, Microdel Ltd., which selects, funds and nurtures businesses with high potential for marketability, growth and profitability in the global market.
Microdel creates value with active ownership and close professional involvement throughout the product lifecycle—from concept definition,through product and business development, to market introduction and penetration.