Sea Dream fisheries began a co-development process with BioCastle, to develop an innovative capsule that contains bacterias and allows water purification for fish.
As part of the experiments, the company has managed to grow fish fingerlings inside the fish-tanks in which the capsules were used, The fingerlings reached a market size of 400 grams. These are remarkable results that should significantly decrease fish breeding production costs.
The ownership in this project is divided equally between SeaDream & BioCastle (50%/50%).

This system has prepared us for the next step: establishing a commercial system. The first commercial system will be established in the Golan to grow 12 tons of Sea Bream a year. The system is currently in the planning stages (Growth Plan, Structure Adjustment, Operational and Economic Plan) with the aim of implementing the plan in the first quarter of 2020.
The idea of setting up small facilities was born due to the fact that RAS facilities (fish breeding facilities that recycle water) require expensive
infrastructure and are therefore usually implemented in projects over 100 tons. This prevents small farmers around the world from producing fish even though they were traditionally very interested.
The problems they encounter today are in their water quality.
We believe that the success of the commercial system will open a door to a
very large world-class market.

There is a group of investors from Brazil who have expressed interest in distributing the systems there. Also, a group from Iceland who came to Israel to meet us has expressed great interest in our systems.