Sea-Dream begins raising investments for a fish hatchery in the USA

Microdel via the american company Nevada Sea-Dream launched a crowdfunding project to establish a fish hatchery in the USA.

The capital is raised via Harvest Returns, a leading platform for financing agriculture projects through crowdfunding investments.

The project intends to cope with the growing global demand for fish, which increases at 7% annually.

According to the UN, until 2020 will be a scarcity of 23 million tons of fish. There’s a difficulty to cope with the growing demand due to global warming, which causes a lake of oxygen in the ocean, along a decrease in the plankton level (which is a part of the ocean food chain) that leads to a decrease in the fish population.

Thus the only way to grow high-quality fish is using land-based ecosystem.

As part of the US project, we will begin by growing Barramundi & Sea bass fish, that cannot be found today in the USA.

Here is the link to the project on Harvest Returns

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Sea bass
a model of a fish hatchery