Super-Pharm began selling the Novokid in Israel

Super-Pharm pharmacy chain logo
Super-Pharm pharmacy chain logo
The Novokid anti-lice home use device

Super-Pharm pharmacy chain began selling in Israel the Novokid, an anti-lice home use device.

Novokid is sold in Super-Pharm stores and the chain’s on-line store for NIS 299.90.

Novokid sold at a Super-Pharm store
Novokid's brochures placed on a pharmacy's counter in a Super-Pharm store
The Novokid sold on Super-Pharm's on-line store

In-addition, in early 2018 TechCare signed an agreement to distribute the Novokid in the Netherlands.

So far, were sold in the Netherlands 5,000 units of the product, which is distributated by MWMedical B.V.

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